Wedding dress storage tips

By Bride and Groom 15 July 2016


• Use acid-free tissue between the folds of the dress and in the bodice. This will prevent wrinkles and folds. 

• Remove shoulder pads or anything else made with foam. Foam deteriorates over time and will damage anything next to it. 

• Remove plastic or metal buttons, buckles or pins. 

• Wrap your gown in muslin. 

• Store your gown in a cool, dark place. 

• Keep your gown away from light. 

• Occasionally take your gown out for inspection. Stains can sometimes show up days or weeks later. 

• Ask to see the dress before it is packed for storage. That way, you can make sure all the stains have been removed. 


• Pack your gown near mothballs. 

• Store your gown in a plastic bag. The chemicals released when plastic breaks down can destroy your gown. 

• Store your gown in a hot or a damp room. 

• Hang your gown for long term storage, especially by the shoulder seams. They can sag and stretch. 

• Completely seal the box. Allow some air to circulate.

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