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By Bride and Groom 11 October 2019

Blooming marvellous

They’re big and they’re bold, and floral installations are the latest wedding statement.

Lauren Kiss from Simply Stems in Shepparton said large arrangements were popular.

“Couples in general are wanting to make flowers the feature decoration, so yes, this coming year you will see more installations and statement pieces.”

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Flat out comfort

Enough blood, sweat and tears have usually been invested in the planning of the all-important day; could this be the reason why some brides are defying the dress code and taking heels out of the equation?

It is well known there is a price to pay in the comfort department where heels are concerned.

And although heels have been something of a staple in bridal attire for most of history, some brides are challenging the conventional footwear mould and opting for flats.

But is it simply a case of comfort over style?

Practicality plays a big factor in the decision, as spending seven hours hiding pain is no longer an expectation for brides.

And with most dresses traditionally reaching floor length, shoes are not usually the eye catcher of the outfit.

Tan Brewer from Evan’s Shoes in Shepparton said the choice was usually a case of comfort, however, some customers had another reason altogether.

“A few brides-to-be that I have talked to have mentioned that they want a shoe that they can wear more than once,” Tan said.

“They don’t just want a glitzy heel that gets thrown to the back of the closet, never to be seen again.”

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Something different

Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend.

Alternative stones make more a unique engagement ring.

Craig Blizzard from Blizzards Fine Jewellers in Shepparton said while diamonds were by far the best choice for an everyday piece that could be passed down from generation to generation, there were other options for those wanting something a little different.

While coloured diamonds are available, you might have to sell your house to buy an Argyle pink diamond.

 Instead, Craig suggested a precious gem.

“Corundum, which is sapphire, ruby – remember you can get yellow sapphires, green sapphires and rubies you can get different shades,” Craig said.

“You can also do different shades of topaz but you might want to do a bezel setting that covers it in.”

Craig suggested staying clear of semi-precious stones which he said simply did not have the durability to stand up to day-to-day wear.

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